NPsych Are Also Able To Provide Community Based Neuropsychiatry Assessments And Advice

Dr Gianetta Rands

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

I am dual registered in general and old age psychiatry. I retired from the NHS in 2015 after 34 years, mostly as consultant psychiatrist specialising in cognitive impairments due to dementias and delirium, mental capacity assessments and management, and the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illnesses presenting in older people. Throughout my career I has had major roles in psychiatry postgraduate training, as Membership examiner, and on several Committees of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. These continue as I develop my private practice and medicolegal work specialising in assessment and treatment of people with brain injuries.

I am approved as s12 assessor for the Mental Health Act, 1983. I advise the Royal College of Psychiatrists about the Mental Capacity Act and its amendments, and regularly carry out assessments required by this legislation.

I have edited a book for Oxford University Press called “Psychiatry: Women’s Voices” which was out in late 2017.